NBA Top Shot App

The official NBA Top Shot companion app is a one-stop shop for getting all the updates you need. Turn on push notifications to receive timely updates on drops, Challenges, and more! You will also be able to view and manage your collection in the app and, if you are a new collector, you can purchase a Starter Pack to jumpstart your collection. For more details or a preview of the app please visit our blog post.

Availability and Waitlist

Currently, the NBA Top Shot app is available on iOS through the App Store to select collectors outside of the United States. The app is also launching on Android for select collectors in Canada, the UK and Australia with further access being granted to waitlisted collectors and other regions soon.

To join the waitlist, you can either download the app and follow the steps there or join from your desktop device here if you are not in a region where the app is currently available. You will receive an email or push notifications (if enabled) to alert you when you are granted access to the app.

Please Note: You will still need to meet the minimum age of 18+ and the location requirements listed here in order to use the NBA Top Shot App.