Dapper ETH Legacy vs Dapper on Flow

Ethereum will always be an incredibly important project for Dapper Labs, which is why the existing Dapper Legacy Wallet will continue to support the Ethereum ecosystem.

Dapper on Flow, however, is a brand new account system that supports all of the exciting experiences and apps found on the Flow network.

What are the Differences Between the Dapper ETH Legacy Wallet and Dapper on Flow?

  1. Given the complexity of cross-chain functionality, you will not be able to move assets from your Dapper Legacy Wallet to Dapper on Flow in the immediate future. However, interoperability is always top of mind for us!
  2. Your login credentials for your Dapper Legacy Wallet (i.e. your email and password) will not be carried over to Dapper on Flow. If you have an existing Dapper Legacy Wallet, you will need to register for a new Dapper on Flow account.
  3. Dapper on Flow will not require you to install an extension. All account management will be done via your browser. Currently, we support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers.
  4. With Dapper on Flow, you can also add both your credit and debit cards for fast purchases, in addition to cryptocurrency.
  5. Dapper on Flow uses a proprietary credit system, called Dapper Balance. You can read more about it here.