Redemptions were a new collectible that gave you control over the supply of each 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment, and ownership of your favorite player’s best NBA Playoffs highlights as they happen. Check out more details in our Mailbag Blog post here.
When the best 2023 NBA Playoffs highlights happened, your Redemption gave you the control and choice to make them a part of your collection. There are 48 total Redemptions, with 3 per team, and each reflects two of that team’s best players and one Wildcard that can be paired with any other player on that team.


The edition size of every Playoffs Moment across every round was also completely dictated and controlled by the choices of NBA fans and collectors, and how they decide to use the Redemptions they own. 

NBA Top Shot 101: Redemptions

Getting Redemptions

Redemptions were found in our Playoffs Packs on April 17, 2023. After the 2023 NBA Playoffs, any Redemptions can be listed, bought, or sold from Top Shot’s standard Marketplace here.
Unsold Packs were burned on April 30, 2023, at 7 PM ET, reducing the overall supply of all the Moments and Redemptions inside of them. A portion of the Packs containing Redemptions was also distributed to collectors who locked complete Sets prior to January 5, 2023.

What Can I Do With Redemptions Now?

During the 2023 NBA Playoffs, when you owned a player’s Redemption, you had guaranteed access to any future 2023 Playoffs Moment of that player. Each Redemption you own could have been redeemed 1:1 for that player's new, exclusive, and limited edition Moments from the First Round, Conference Semis, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals.



Now that the 2023 NBA Playoffs are over, collectors should not expect to be able to “use” Redemptions in unique ways. From the perspective of NBA Top Shot history, Redemptions are first-of-their-kind collectibles that certain collectors may find interesting over the long-term as a relic of the 2023 Playoffs. With that being said, collectors can do the following with their Redemptions:

  • Complete The Champion’s Path Set by owning all 48 Redemptions
  • Collectors can use their Redemptions in Challenges, on that player’s Leaderboard, or exchange them for a Trade Ticket