Badges provide a visual flair to Moment NFTs on NBA Top Shot. Badges are unique visual identifiers awarded to select Moments that meet certain criteria.

Badges are located above the player's name in their Moment:


Badges above Tyrese Haliburton's Moment

or on the Marketplace.


Tyrese Haliburton Marketplace Listing with Badges

Badge Types

Rookie Year Badge


This Badge signifies the Moment was from that player’s rookie season, regardless of when the moment was minted. 

View all Moments with the Rookie Year badge

Rookie Premiere Badge


This Badge signifies the Moment is from that player’s very first regular-season appearance. 

View all Moments with the Rookie Premiere badge

Rookie Mint Badge


This Badge signifies the Moment was minted during that player’s rookie season.

View all Moments with the Rookie Mint badge

Three-Star Rookie Badge


This Badge signifies that a Moment has met the criteria for Rookie Year, Premiere, and Mint badges. Moments meeting that criteria will instead receive a Three-Star Rookie Badge. Moments with this badge will still qualify for each of the individual rookie badges.

View all Moments with the Three-Star Rookie Badge

Top Shot Debut Badge


This Badge signifies the Player’s first Moment minted on NBA Top Shot. 

Please note: Top Shot Debut Badge will be assigned to the player’s first play Minted in our system and not necessarily the first Moment released through Packs.

View all Moments with the Top Shot Debut Badge

MVP Badge


This Badge applies to players' Moments if they won the MVP award for that same year (season). 

View all Moments with the MVP Badge

Championship Year Badge


This Badge applies to a player's Moment if their team won the Championship that same year (season). 

If a player is traded mid-season, only the Moments of a player's Winning Team will receive the Championship Badge.

For more information on Badges checkout our Blog Posts:

Moment Badges

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Serial Number Icons

mceclip2.png - Serials that match a player's jersey number will be indicated with a jersey icon.

mceclip3.png - To celebrate #NBA75, all #75 Serials from the 2021-22 NBA season (aka Series 3) will be indicated with a diamond icon.

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