How to Exchange a Moment™ NFT for a Trade Ticket

Trade Tickets are NBA Top Shot's latest feature to further provide utility for all of your Moment NFTs, allowing Collectors to trade in a Moment for a Trade Ticket. 

Exchanging a Moment for a Trade Ticket

To exchange a Moment for a Trade Ticket, simply go to the Moment you own that you want to exchange and select Trade In.


You will be directed to a pop-up to confirm the Moment you want to exchange for one Trade Ticket. On this screen, you will see the Moment you are trading in, as well as the effect on your Top Shot Score and number of Trade Tickets.


From there, you will see the Moment you selected and you will be asked to confirm your transaction.


If your exchange was successful, you will be redirected to the following page.


If your exchange failed, you will see the following page instead.


To view the number of Trade Tickets in your possession, click on your profile picture in the top right corner.

You are also able to go to your Moments and view your number of Trade Tickets. On this page, you are also able to view the status of the trading function.



Trading In Multiple Moments

To trade in multiple Moments at once, simply go to your collection of Moments, and select Trade In Moments.


You will be taken to a page where you can select multiple Moments. When you have selected the Moments you want to trade in, confirm with the blue button on the top right.


You will be provided with information as to how your Moments, Top Shot Score, and Trade Tickets will be affected once your trade-in is complete. Once you acknowledge that trades are final, that there are no refunds after trades are complete, that Trade Tickets cannot be exchanged for Moments, and that Trade Tickets can only be used for Trade Ticket exclusive packs, you are able to process the exchange.


You will once again be asked to confirm the transaction, at which point it will either process or fail with a summary of the transaction.