Making NBA Top Shot Purchases With Cryptocurrency

Since both Dapper and NBA Top Shot run on the Flow blockchain, you can spend your FLOW tokens or cryptocurrency to purchase NBA Top Shot packs if you use a supported wallet. This is similar to transacting with cryptocurrency using your own wallet in the existing checkout process. To learn more about making purchases with cryptocurrency, click here.

Please Note: Currently, the ability to purchase Moments from the Marketplace with cryptocurrency is not yet available. NBA Top Shot packs are also unable to be purchased using FLOW on the Dapper Wallet. For more details about FLOW on the Dapper Wallet, check out our article here.

Purchasing Packs With Cryptocurrency

Navigate to the NBA Top Shot and select the Packs page in the top bar. From there, you will be able to see an overview of the packs available and select a pack that is currently in stock.


After selecting the pack that you would like to purchase and clicking on the Buy Now button, you will be prompted on the payment screen where you will select FLOW or crypto as your payment method. You may need to click on the Pay using Dapper Checkout button in order to see the cryptocurrency payment methods.


On this page, you will be able to see what you will expect to pay and the approximate USD conversion to FLOW, if using FLOW tokens. If everything looks good, you can click the Pay With FLOW or Crypto button at the bottom.


From here, you will be able to select a supported wallet and be asked to log in using your existing wallet credentials. After successfully logging in to your wallet, you will be asked to confirm and approve the connection.

We recommend using a Chrome browser to attempt your purchase as you may not see all of the available supported wallets using a different browser.


Once you've clicked the approve button, this will trigger the payment screen. Please allow a little bit of time for this to process and do not refresh your browser while this is being processed. After your payment is successful, you'll be able to access your new NBA Top Shot pack in your Packs page within your Top Shot Profile!