Locker Packs

A Locker Pack is a special pack made up of Moment NFTs from our NBA Top Shot Locker Room. These packs will contain Moments that were traded in from collectors for Trade Tickets. There will always be a Pack Listing for these Locker Pack Drops where you can find all the important information regarding content, eligibility, price, etc. 


Will all Locker Packs be 3 Trade Tickets for 3 Moments?

No, while the initial stress test of 3 Trade Tickets for a 3 Moment Locker Pack, more recent Locker Packs required 4 Trade Tickets for a 3 Moment Locker Pack. This is due to the economic aspect of Trade tickets, as they lower the active circulating supply of Moments on Top Shot.


Will all Locker Packs be limited to one per Collector?

No, in the future, we will give Collectors the opportunity to grab more than one. We will also give Collectors ample time to see any limits to pack purchases for these Locker Pack Drops. 


Will I be able to see all Moments going into “Locker Packs”? 

Before each Locker Pack Drop, there will be a list of the Moments that are included in these packs on the pack listing page for the specific Locker Pack Drop. 

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