Average Sales Price

Calculating Average Sales Price

Top Shot Score (TSS) will auto-update daily (at around 8 am ET) based on Average Sales Price (ASP) increases for Moments in the marketplace. As a reminder, the Top Shot Score of an owned Moment can never and will never decrease — it can only increase. While TSS ASP updates are automatic, here’s the logic behind how these updates will occur: 

  • If a Moment has 50+ sales over the last 14 days, we use that to calculate the Average Sales Price (ASP) that will be displayed. 
  • If a Moment has fewer than 50 sales over the last 14 days, the ASP will be from the last 60 days of activity — provided the Moment has at least 10 sales over that time period. 
  • If a Moment has fewer than 10 sales in the last 60 days, the ASP will be the last ten sales of that Moment, no matter the time period.
  • If a Moment has fewer than 10 lifetime sales, the ASP is the average of every sale of the Moment. 

To reiterate, ASP updates can never reduce the Top Shot Score of a Moment you own — only increase it. If you gift a Moment and then receive it back - the Moment's Top Shot Score will be reset to its Average Sales Price (ASP) and not your original purchase. Only sales which occur at market price (at the sole discretion of the NBA Top Shot team) are included in Average Sales Price calculations.

The initial ASP of a Moment will be established within 24 hours of its first sale. Once it is calculated and set, it’s based on the average of all of the Moment’s transactions at that time. Since sales volumes are typically different between Moments, the number of sales used to calculate each ASP will also be different. For example, a Moment’s initial ASP may be based on 1 or more purchases. At this time, there isn’t a way to view the specific time of calculation or how many sales were averaged.

Viewing Average Sales Price

The Average Sales Price of a Moment NFT can be found on the Moment's Marketplace listing as well as the actual Moment page. Alongside this information will be the criteria used in determining the Average Sale Price.