Pack Recordings

There’s nothing like the experience of ripping a pack. Collectors have the ability to record a pack opening along with their reaction and share it with the community.
Collectors can click Record Pack Opening on the top-right-hand side of the pack opening page.
When a pop-up window appears with NBA Top Shot asking permission to use a collector’s microphone and camera, click Allow.
Afterward, there will be a green tab with a selection of options. Pressing Start will enable the Pack Recording feature as the banner now changes to red to signify that a recording is happening.
During the recording, a collector’s screen and camera are displayed to capture their reaction. The option to End the recording will appear on the right of the red banner, and after opening the pack, an End Recording button also appears. Collectors are also able to hide their camera from the recording if they want.
Once ended, collectors are provided with the option to download their recording.

Please be aware that exiting or closing the screen recording page will result in a lost recording. Collectors will not be able to retrieve or start over their recording (unless the pack has yet to be opened).