Listing and Delisting Moments

Sometimes a Collector may receive a Moment that they already have or a Moment that they may not want as part of their collection. Not to worry, as there is still a way for them to make use of these Moments by selling them on the Marketplace to other collectors.

Listing Moments

The first step: navigate to your collection. You can do this by clicking the Collection button at the top of the screen. From the page that appears, you would select the Moments tab. 


This screen will show you all of your Moments including ones that have been listed on the Marketplace for sale. Once you click on the Moment you wish to sell, you will be brought to a page that showcases the Moment's details as well as the option to Place for Sale. Click on Place for Sale.


On the next screen, you will be given the option to choose the price you want to sell your Moment at. This is a set price so someone must pay exactly what you requested in order to receive the Moment. There are also other details such as how much Top Shot Score loss will be experienced by selling this Moment and how selling this Moment affects your collection.


If you're unsure what price you should set, you can click on our Pricing Helper to see what price this Moment has been sold at recently. 


Once you have a price in mind, you can enter it in and then click List for Sale. You will be asked to confirm your listing before it is placed on the Marketplace. Please click Confirm if you are sure you want to sell the Moment. Please keep in mind that it can take a few minutes for this to be processed.


Once you see the page above, you're all set to go. Your Moment has been listed on the Marketplace. If you change your mind and no longer wish to sell the Moment, you can always delist the Moment before it is sold. 

Delisting Moments

If you mistakenly list a Moment or want to delist it so it can be used in a Challenge Entry, you can delist these Moments just as easily as you listed them. 

First, you must navigate back to your Moments in your Collection. You will notice here that the Moment you have listed on the Marketplace has For Sale noted above it. This is a good way to distinguish your listed Moments from others in your Collection.


This would take you to the Moment listing page where you would be able to see the general information about the Moment, the current owner of the Moment (which is you), and the required dollar amount the Moment is listed at. There is also other information here regarding where the Moment stands in the Marketplace currently.


Please click the Cancel Sale button and from there you will be asked to confirm your request to remove the Moment. 

Delisting Cooldown: Please be advised that you may only be able to delist one Moment every 5 minutes. A notice of this cooldown will appear when you choose to delist a Moment.

Please click Confirm and your request will be processed.


You're done! You have successfully delisted your Moment from the Marketplace and you can put it in that Showcase of yours. Or keep it. It's your collection.

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