Join With Friends

Drops are more fun with friends, especially when you have a chance of being rewarded. Our Join with Friends feature makes this possible. Prizes and criteria may vary from drop to drop, and collectors should review the respective pack pages for more information.

If you plan on creating or joining a group, you will need all 5 members locked into place before the waiting room randomizes and queue positions are assigned. If you only have 1 - 4 members locked in, your group won't be eligible to win the prize.

Creating a Group

You can create a group by navigating to a pack drop page and selecting Invite Friends.


From there, you will be sent to a waiting room where a link will be provided. Send this link to your friends and they'll be able to join your group.


You can easily remove someone from a group as well.



Once 4 of your friends have joined (a total of 5 people required), you'll just need to wait for the waiting room to open. Once it is, the Join Drop button will light up and anyone in the group can click it.


Joining a Group

To join a group, simply use the link provided by the group leader. Please note that you can only join one group at a time.



Leaving a Group

To leave a group, navigate back to your group's page, and select Leave next to your name.