Viewing Team Checklists

1. To view team checklists, click on TSS in the upper right-hand corner of your NBA Top Shot profile to access your Top Shot Score page. You can also access this page by clicking on your Profile under the Overview tab and clicking on your Top Shot Score.



2. Click the dropdown menu that says Overall Score.

3. Select a team of your choice.



4. Once a team is selected, you will see a breakdown of your progress towards each Series Checklist on the right. 


The green bar keeps track of Moments that you own and have locked. The white bar means that you own required Moments that have not been locked yet. The gray bar means that you are missing required Moments for the Checklist in question.

If you click on any of these Checklists, you will be brought to a new page that will allow you to see the specific Moments required to complete the Checklist in more detail.

5. On this new page shown below, you will see checkmarks beside every required Moment. A green checkmark means that the Moment is owned and locked. A white checkmark means that you own the Moment and have not locked it while a gray checkmark means that you do not own the Moment.


When looking at these progressions, please keep this in mind.

  • Green - Owned and locked
  • White - Owned but not locked
  • Gray - Not owned

You can still select the different categories ranging from Unique S1-S4, Contemporary, or All-Time to review any additional details on a Team Checklist.


For more information on Leaderboards, click here.

For more information on Top Shot Score, click here.

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