Offers is a feature that allows you to purchase NFTs from other members of the Dapper community, whether those NFTs are listed on a Marketplace or not. For now, offers can only be made on Moments from NBA Top Shot but support for all Dapper Sports and Flow projects will be coming in the near future.

Once you find a Moment that you would like to make an offer on, all you have to do is enter the amount you are willing to pay for that particular Moment and submit your offer. If your offer is accepted by the owner, the Moment will be transferred to you, and the amount you offered will be deducted from your Dapper Balance. 

Offers are paid for using Dapper Balance, and offers can be canceled at any time. While an offer is in place, your Dapper Balance can still be used for other purposes. If your total Dapper Balance falls below the amount placed on an Offer, that Offer will automatically be canceled. Dapper Offers are subject to a 5% royalty fee.

Please Note: Collectors can only have 1000 open offers at a time.

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