The Wishlist

The wishlist allows you to keep an eye on your favorite Moments without having to constantly search the Marketplace.

By adding a Moment to your wishlist, you can keep track of the Moment and their lowest ask and average sale price all from the comfort of your own account.

Is there a certain Moment you need to grab to complete a Challenge, but you want to wait for the price to change? This is a perfect time to add the Moment to your wishlist so you do not need to go searching for it on the Marketplace again.

Adding a Moment to Your Wishlist

Navigate to your Collection and click on the Wishlist button on the far right. If your wishlist is empty as shown below, you can then click on the Watch Moments button and it will take you to the Marketplace.



From the Marketplace, you would be able to click on the button to the top right of the Moment in order to add it to your wishlist. The number beside the button indicates how many collectors have added the Moment to their wishlist already. 



Please Note: You can also click on the specific Moment and choose to add it to your wishlist from the Moment page.