Refer a Friend Program

Update: Refer a Friend is back! For every friend you refer, you'll receive $15 in site credit + your friend will receive $15 in site credit!  In order to receive the Refer a Friend credit, collectors must complete their Identity Checks and make a pack purchase.

We have established a powerful community for NBA Top Shot together, but now we want collectors to build their own communities from the ground up. Earn Assists by referring your friends and family to NBA Top Shot.
We are bringing our collectors the ability to invite their friends and family to NBA Top Shot through the Refer a Friend Program. The NBA Top Shot Refer a Friend Program will let users bring their loved ones into the community more easily than ever and get rewarded for doing so.

How Does it Work?

Simply click on your Account icon in the top right of the page. From the navigation dropdown menu that appears, please select Refer a Friend. This will give you a personalized link to share with your potential referrals. 


When any of your potential referrals sign up using the link, completes their Identity Check, and makes a pack purchase, you will both receive $15 in non-withdrawable NBA Top Shot credit directly to your Dapper Wallet. Collectors will receive the credits in their account within 7 days.



For every person you refer that completes a pack purchase and completes their Identity Check, you will earn an Assist. Throughout the NBA Playoffs and beyond, we’ll be keeping track of anyone and everyone who has earned an Assist, and their friend who “scored” because of that Assist, providing surprises along the way to community members who participate.


NBA Top Shot Referral Program Rules 

To view the NBA Top Shot Referral Program rules, click here.

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