Top Shot Score

Top Shot Score is a replacement for the Collector Score system designed to emphasize collecting what you love and reward you for the fun of being a fan. It will be used to measure your collection against other fans and qualify top fans for access to packs and exclusive rewards you can’t get anywhere else but Top Shot.

Your Top Shot Score will be shown when you click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of each page, on your profile, and on the homepage. When viewing your Top Shot Score, you will be presented with your score, Moments owned, and a Score Value of each Moment.

NBA Top Shot 101: Top Shot Score

Calculating Your Top Shot Score

Your Top Shot Score is simply the total score of all the Moments in your collection while on the Top Shot platform. Every Moment is assigned a Top Shot Score based on the dollar cost paid to purchase it in the official Marketplace, multiplied by 10. Example: Buy a Moment for $50 and your Top Shot Score goes up by 500 while you own that Moment.

When a Moment changes ownership, it will reset based on the cost paid to acquire it or the current average sales price, whichever is greater. If you gift a Moment and then receive it back - the Moment's Top Shot Score will be reset to its average sales price and not your original purchase. The average sales price is calculated the same way displayed in the official Marketplace. To learn more about the Average Sales Price, click here.

The initial Average Sales Price of a Moment will be established within 24 hours of its first sale. Once it is calculated and set, it’s based on the average of all the Moment’s transactions at that time. Since sales volumes are typically different between Moments, the number of sales used to calculate each Average Sales Price will also be different. For example, a Moment’s initial Average Sales Price may be based on 1 or more purchases. At this time, there isn’t a way to view the specific time of calculation or how many sales were averaged.

Top Shot Score (TSS) will auto-update daily (at 8 am ET) based on Average Sales Price (ASP) increases for Moments in the Marketplace. As a reminder, the Top Shot Score of an owned Moment can never and will never decrease — it can only increase. 

When viewing Moments on the Top Shot Marketplace, you can always transact with clarity and confidence as the listing clearly displays how a transaction would change your Top Shot Score.

For Collectors that purchased their Moments before May 11th, 2022, their Average Sale Price for these Moments will equal the historical Average Sale Price recorded on May 11th.

Inflated Sale Prices

Trading Moments on the Marketplace at artificial prices is against our community Code of Conduct. All suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity will be monitored and appropriate action taken to protect the community. Action, in this case, can include and is not limited to account freezes, score erasures, and offboarding in egregious cases of manipulation. 

A warning in the Marketplace may be provided when purchasing a Moment for significantly more than the current average sale price, and we will implement a manual review process before Top Shot Score points will be awarded for such purchases. Various factors, such as Challenge requirements, will be part of the review, and the warning does not automatically indicate a violation of the Code of Conduct.

Please note: The Early Adopter Bonus was a temporary bonus that was available until the conclusion of Series 4. As Series 4 has now concluded, this is no longer applicable.