Queue Allowlists

The Queue Allowlist is a new concept recently introduced to NBA Top Shot pack drops. To be eligible for a Queue Allowlist, you must meet certain requirements, which may vary from drop to drop. Please refer to the respective pack drop page and/or blog post for Allowlist requirements. If you are selected for an Allowlist: 

  1. A guaranteed pack is reserved for you to purchase. You don’t need to join a Priority (PQ) or General Queue (GQ) to try and land a spot in line.
  2. You can purchase the pack at any time in a 24-hour window using a dedicated Queue.

Any remaining packs not purchased in the 24-hour Allowlist window will be evenly distributed to a PQ and GQ for the respective pack drop. 


Queue Allowlists apply to unique collectors, meaning that someone can only be on a Queue Allowlist once. If you are on the Allowlist, you can still join a PQ and/or GQ to purchase an additional pack.