Gifting Moments

In order to gift Moments from your NBA Top Shot account to another collector, you will need to make sure that you have met the requirements listed here. To send a gift link, check out our other Help Center article here.

Once you have met the requirements, navigate to your collection by clicking on My Collection in the top bar. Select the Moments tab to see the Moments that are currently in your collection. After you have located the Moment that you would like to gift, click on it to get to the Moment details page.

On the Moment's details page, you will be able to see everything about the Moment that you own. On the right-hand side, you will be able to see a Gift button. If you have not met the requirements, you will see a lock with Disabled next to it and you will not be able to continue. Select Gift in order to continue.


At this point, you will be shown a pop-up where you will enter the username of the person that you would like to gift the Moment to in the box that says Transfer to another Top Shot collector. Once confirmed, hit Send a Gift.

Please Note: We highly recommend double-checking the username of the person you would like to gift the Moment to as all transactions are final. We will not be able to return any Moments that were mistakenly gifted.


You will be taken to the Dapper Wallet in order to confirm the transaction one more time. This page with provide you with a summary of who you're sending this Moment to and the Moment itself. Confirm that you have read the warning by clicking on the check box and then hit Confirm when you're ready.


The transaction may take a few minutes to complete but if your gift is successful, you will be taken to the confirmation page which shows the person you've sent it to and the Moment that you've gifted to them.