Gifting Guidelines

Updated as of January 31, 2022

We have updated our gifting requirements indefinitely to allow Collectors greater ability to share Moments with friends and family!  


Collectors will have the ability to gift and receive gifts from their account if:

  • Identity verification has been successfully completed.


  • You have at least 10 Moment NFTs in your account at the time of gifting and you have owned the moment for at least 7 days.

Collectors that do not meet either of these requirements will be unable to participate in gifting Moments.

Please be advised that if your Identity Check is currently in progress or has been triggered, you would not be able to gift any Moments until the Identity Check is complete. For more details on this, please read our article: Understanding the Identity Check.


Eligible Moments

Collectors that have not completed Identity Verification, but do own at least 10 Moments, will be able to gift any of the Moments they've held for at least seven days. For example, if you buy a Moment on a Monday at 5:00 PM, you won't be able to gift it until the following Monday at 5:01 PM. Bear in mind that the seven-day timer will reset if a collector lists and delists their Moment. 

Some exceptions to this rule will exist. For instance, certain content creators and athletes that actively extend giveaways to the NBA Top Shot community may be granted the ability to gift without these restrictions.

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