Gifting Guidelines

Collectors can send or receive Moments from other collectors as long as they meet one of the requirements below:

  • The identity check has been successfully completed.


  • You have at least 10 Moment NFTs in your account at the time of gifting and you have owned the moment for at least 7 days.

If your identity check is currently in progress or has been triggered, you would not be able to gift any Moments until it is complete. For more details on completing your identity check, please read our article: Understanding the Identity Check. Collectors that do not meet either of these requirements will be unable to participate in gifting Moments.

Please Note: 

  • We cannot guarantee any off-platform transactions that take place so we always recommend that collectors use either the standard gifting method here or gift links to send Moments to other collectors. 
  • Gifting rules and requirements are also subject to change in the future without notice.
  • Some exceptions to this rule will exist. For instance, certain content creators and athletes that actively extend giveaways to the NBA Top Shot community may be granted the ability to gift without these restrictions.