Personalize Your Profile

You can personalize your username, avatar, and location in your Dapper account under the Settings tab.

You can also update your username by going to your Home page and clicking on the EDIT PROFILE button on the right side of the page.



To change your username, please click the edit button on the line that shows "Username". You can also select your location here, which will appear on your profile. Other collectors will be able to see this, and this will also be visible when collectors are filtered by specific areas. You can also use the following page to link your Twitter or Discord social media accounts to your profile.



If you would like to change the username for your Dapper Wallet, navigate to your Dapper Wallet. Click account settings on the left side of the interface. This is where you can edit your username. Dapper will automatically reject picking usernames that are already owned by other collectors.



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