Collector Titles

Collector titles are a fun and exciting feature to show off your accomplishments and add more personalization to who you are as a collector. Some collector titles will have known requirements while others will be hidden and unlocked with certain criteria.
Please Note: Collector Titles will solely be for fun and as a way to display what kind of collector you are. They will not be used as a basis for rewards, airdrops, or access.
A title is a small label that goes under the username on a collector’s profile. It has four parts:
  1. Name - “Diamond Hands”
  2. Description (when applicable) - “Own 25 Hawks Plays” or “Spend a lot of time on Top Shot”
  3. Tier - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
  4. Stats - Absolute number and % of collectors who own a title

Types of Titles

  • Permanent: This is based on a one-time achievement and cannot be taken away.
  • Conditional: This is based on the user’s current NBA Top Shot collection or a snapshot of their current activity. A Collector can lose a temporary title if they no longer meet the requirements.

Adding Titles

Collectors can acquire multiple collector titles, but will only be able to showcase them one at a time on their profile. Titles can be switched whenever collectors want. Collectors can access these titles by going to their profile page.

After clicking on Edit Profile, collectors can scroll down and select from the collector title(s) they are currently eligible for.


Our full list of collector titles can be located here.