Fast Break

Fast Break is a new game on NBA Top Shot inspired by some of our favorite sports games and traditions. Fast Break provides a unique experience that utilizes the Moments in your collection to form a lineup to predict the nightly outcome of the NBA game for rewards. For more details about rewards, check out our article here.

How to Participate

At this time, a select group of collectors have been added to the Fast Break play test and we will be adding more collectors in the coming weeks. We are committed to building this game in public to make sure we adapt in real-time using important feedback from collectors to guide our decisions in game design and user-interface design. You can check out the Fast Break homepage here.

How to Play

Please Note: As Fast Break is still undergoing play testing, rules are subject to change without notice.

Collectors will select three to five players in their lineup every night for a set number of nights, called a run. Each night has different stats and different scores that your lineup must beat in order to get awarded a win.

Collectors will need to strategically choose the players in their lineup because you can only use players a limited amount of times during a run.

  • If you own a Common/Fandom of a player, you can use that player one time during the run.
  • If you own a Rare you can use that player up to two times.
  • If you own a Legendary of a player, you can use them up to four times.

To be clear, if you have 10 Commons of a player, you still can only play them once. The only way you can play them more is by collecting a Moment of that player at a higher tier.

  1. This is the description of the requirements that you'll need to beat in order to earn the reward for that day
  2. This section shows the players that you have selected in your lineup to beat the requirements
  3. If you'd like to make changes to your lineup, you will be able to select the Edit Your Lineup button. You can edit a player in your lineup as long as they have not yet played. Once the final game has started, you will not be able to edit your lineup.
  4. This countdown shows how much time is left for you to assemble your lineup before the last NBA game starts.
  5. This section shows you how many days are left in the run, how many wins you've received so far and the current date in the run. You can also select the previous days and view your lineups for that day.

Player Tags

When looking to assemble your lineup, you'll see player tags show up underneath a player's portrait to denote certain things about the potential Moment. 

  • Uncollected - You have not collected this player's Moment yet
  • Collected - You own this player's Moment
  • Started - This player's game has started, they can no longer be added to or removed from your lineup
  • Benched - You've used up the maximum amount of uses for this player's Moment during the run
  • Day-to-Day - The player has a lingering injury but they have not yet been Ruled Out
  • Ruled Out - If the player is injured and will not be playing during the game, you'll see this tag

Please Note: Injury tags will not show up on Fast Break until the day of the game.