Fast Break Rewards

Please Note: As Fast Break is still undergoing play testing, these rewards and tiebreakers may change without notice.

Daily Leader Reward

If you have the highest score on any given night, you will win the Daily Leader Reward. If there are other collectors who have the same high score, there will be a set of tiebreakers as follows:

  • When lineups lock, the game automatically determines your lowest serial Moment at the highest tier owned of each player.
  • Even if you add new Moments after games start, it will not change the Moments locked in for purposes of this tiebreaker.
  • If more than one collector ties for first on any given day, the game will automatically determine the winner.
  • The game will look at the highest tier owned of each player in the winning lineup. It will then determine the lowest serial number owned of the player at that tier.
    All 5 (or 3 in the case of a 3-player day) numbers will be added together and the lowest sum will win.
  • The second tiebreaker, if needed, will be the time of submission: whoever submitted their lineup first will get the nod.

Full Run Rewards

If you rack up enough wins during a run there are Packs you can earn at certain milestones depending on how many games are in the run. As you get higher in wins, the Packs get better. As you achieve each milestone, you win the Pack. For example, if there is a milestone at 4, 9 and 13 wins, collectors who win 13 days, will get all 3 Packs.

Please note: Reward packs are distributed after the conclusion of each run