Packs contain a different assortment of possible Moment NFTs, with an exact breakdown of what is available inside packs while supplies last. Be quick if you want to grab the newest Moments in pack drops.

Pack drop times will vary, so make sure you watch for announcements and follow Top Shot on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord to never miss a drop.

When a pack sells out or when you’re waiting for the next drop, you can still snag Moments from the packs in the Marketplace from other collectors.

Tip-Off Packs

Tip-Off Packs (formerly Starter Packs) are the first step in the new collector’s journey on NBA Top Shot. 

These packs are exclusive for new collectors as a limited-time opportunity to jumpstart their collection. No waiting in queues. No reservations. Show up at your leisure and buy your first packs with ease. As soon as a new collector signs up, they'll be able to buy this pack.

These are available for collectors to purchase up to 10, as long as they have purchased less than 10 packs. You can check out the Tip-Off Packs available here.

Locker Packs

A Locker Pack is a special pack made up of Moment NFTs from our NBA Top Shot Locker Room. These packs will contain Moments that were traded in from collectors for Trade Tickets. There will always be a Pack Listing for these Locker Pack Drops where you can find all the important information regarding content, eligibility, price, etc. For more details on Trade Tickets, check out our Help Center article here.

Blended Packs

Blended Packs allow collectors to pull a Rare or Legendary Moment™ NFT in packs when previously, they were separated. In these drops, all Moment tiers from the most scarce Legendaries to the most accessible Commons will exist in the same pack. 

Blended Packs are not accessible to collectors based in France or Belgium due to local restrictions.

Viewing Your Opened Packs

Collectors are able to view their previously opened packs here or by manually inputting the URL: Currently, this only displays purchased packs and not those that have been airdropped or acquired by any other means. This page will also only show one pack per transaction, meaning that if a collector purchased three packs at once, only one will currently appear.