Unopened Packs

Do you have any unopened packs in your account? If so, here are some important details for you to know about what having unopened packs on your account means for you.

Top Shot Score

Moments in unopened packs do not count towards your Top Shot Score even if it is known that there is a certain number of Moments in the unopened pack or in cases where there is one known Moment in the pack such as packs received from Challenge rewards or special pre-order promotional Moments. Top Shot Score is not adjusted until these Moments are in your collection.

If you are attempting to calculate your Top Shot Score on a third-party site, the Moment(s) in unopened packs will not appear. Once the pack has been opened, the Top Shot Score of these Moments would then be calculated and you would be able to see where these Moments originated from.

Set Completion

Moments in unopened packs would also not count toward set completions. This is true even if the pack in question has one singular Moment that is known such as in the case of Challenge rewards or special pre-order Moments. We understand the desire to want to keep a pack sealed. In such cases, we would advise you to purchase this Moment on the Marketplace if you would like to ensure that you complete the set.


Example: If you had unopened packs from Season 1, they would not count towards your Early Adopters Set.

Airdrops and Rewards

Sometimes collectors may be rewarded with airdropped Moments or packs to eligible collectors who hold special Moments or have completed sets. In order to confirm which collectors have completed a Set or hold specific Moments, our team may take a snapshot that determines all eligible collectors for these air-dropped rewards. Moments held in unopened packs would not be counted towards a set completion or ownership for the purposes of snapshots.