Pack Types

NBA Top Shot packs are the most exciting way to collect new Moments. All pack types may vary in pricing and number of Moments. Please refer to specific pack listings for pricing and the breakdown of what Moments to expect in each pack.

Each pack will have a specific sticker on the front to indicate the type of pack it is, these stickers will appear below along with their respective packs.

For more information about pack drops, click here or for details about blended packs, click here.


Common Packs

Common packs are our most widely available packs and will feature an assortment of common Moments only. Common packs may vary in their names, but the most typical common pack is a Base Set pack.


Rare Packs

Rare packs fall between common and legendary packs and are flexible in their Moment distribution. They will usually feature a combination of a single rare Moment and multiple common Moments. An example of a rare pack is the And Then There Were Four pack.


Legendary Packs

The most highly sought-after pack, legendary packs are the most expensive packs available, and usually come with a single legendary Moment, three rare Moments, and multiple common Moments. An example of a legendary pack is the 2021 NBA Finals pack. 


Please note: It is possible to get the same Moment with a different serial number within a single pack, though it is uncommon.