Blended Pack Format

Please note: Blended packs will not be accessible to collectors based in France or Belgium due to local restrictions.


Blended packs make it possible to pull a Rare or Legendary Moment™ NFT in packs that are more accessible for everyone, where previously you could only pull a Common. In these drops, Moments from all tiers — from the most scarce Legendaries to the most accessible Commons — can exist in harmony across selective pack drops. These packs may have varying odds in tandem with these different types of Moments. Collectors should review the respective pack pages for more information on the types of Moments available and the odds of pulling those Moments.

For us to build the best version of NBA Top Shot possible, we will continue to iterate and explore ways to bring this feature into NBA Top Shot over a longer period of time. For collectors unable to access these packs, there are still packs that do not operate under this format.