Parallel Moments

Parallels are limited edition special insert Moments that function as sub-editions within the Base Set. Featuring the same incredible highlights as the Base Set, these Parallel inserts set themselves apart with custom artwork and scarcer limited edition mints.

All Base Set Parallels are Common Moments. They belong to the Base Set and have all the standard functionality of the Base Set, such as completing a set or utility in a Challenge. 

Parallels are stacked on the Moment tile in the Marketplace. The tile will clearly show how many Parallels exist for the play. Additionally, each Moment Details page will make it easy to toggle between the available Parallels. Each Parallel sub-Edition has its own average sale, low-ask, and mint counts. 

Here's an example of how they can look next to our standard Base Set look: 



Series 4

In Series 4, all Base Set Common Moments will have Parallels.The Series 4 Base Set will have 4 Parallels. Series 4 Base Set Commons will have mint counts of 8,000 CC+, with an additional 8,000 LE Moments across 4 Parallels. 

  • Traditional Base Set Moment: /8000 CC+
  • Base Set Parallel 1 - /500 LE
  • Base Set Parallel 2 - /1000 LE
  • Base Set Parallel 3 - /2500 LE
  • Base Set Parallel 4 - /4000 LE

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