Edition Size and Retired Moment™ NFTs

A Moment NFT exists as part of an Edition with a total circulation count.


Each Moment is minted with an individual serial number securing its own uniqueness equal to that of physical memorabilia. 


Rare and Legendary Moments are issued with a Limited Edition Size (LE). These are predetermined and will no longer be minted. 

Common Moments are Minted up to a Circulating Count (CC) and can increase. However, as the season progresses a player's Moment can be Retired to make room for another highlight. At this point, the moment will move from CC to LE. 


CC - The Moments Edition is currently a "Circulating Count"

LE - A "Limited Edition" Moment where no more can ever be minted.


For more information about Retired Moments check out the blog post: Series 2 Ends Friday

You can find Moments in both packs sold directly by Top Shot or for sale by other collectors in the Top Shot Marketplace.

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