Set Locking Challenges

Set Locking Challenges allow collectors to receive rewards for locking required Moments to complete the Challenge instead of placing them into the traditional Challenge builder.

Completing a Set Locking Challenge

Head over to the Challenge page here and from there you can view the list of all the available Challenges. Set Locking Challenges will have a purple lock underneath the Challenge name so you can easily identify them. A description of the Challenge requirements and reward will also be provided on the Challenge page. Once you've selected the Challenge you'd like to complete, click on the Earn Now button.


Like normal Challenges, Set Locking Challenges also use a Challenge builder. Once you enter the builder, you can view the required Moments that you already own and have locked or have not locked yet. You will also be able to shop for any eligible Moments if you don't have any in your collection. For more details on locking Moments check out our article here.


Once you have selected all eligible Moments, you can click on the Save Challenge Entry button to continue. You will be asked to confirm that you understand the following (in the screenshot) before you lock your Moment(s).

Once you have successfully confirmed the lock, you will be shown a successful confirmation screen. 

Please Note: Moments that are locked can still be used in Burn Leaderboards. If you burn a Moment that has been locked in your Set Locking Challenge, you will need to ensure that you replace the Moment before the timer ends. Otherwise, your entry will be deemed ineligible.

General Information

  • Locked Moments cannot be sold, traded, gifted, or withdrawn for 1 year from the time of lock. This action cannot be undone.
  • Locking a Moment does not remove the Top Shot Score value associated with those Moments.
  • You can only unlock a Moment after the lock duration (1 year from the day you locked the Moment).
  • If a Moment is locked, that Moment will automatically get delisted from the Marketplace.
  • If you receive an offer on a locked Moment, you will not have the ability to accept or reject the offer anymore. If somehow the transaction is attempted, the transaction will fail.
  • Please ensure that you read and understand all of the requirements before completing a Set Locking Challenge as they may vary for each Challenge.
  • You can use previously locked Moments for Set Locking Challenges.
  • It may take some time for the Challenge page to update and show you have locked the required Moments so you may need to check back later.
  • When completing Challenges, we always recommend doing so well in advance. Waiting until the last minute increases the risk of potential errors.
  • We always recommend confirming that you have locked the required Moments for the Challenge at least once before the deadline.