Crafting Challenges

Crafting Challenges allow collectors to place Moments in the Challenge Builder to be permanently removed or “burned” for special Rewards. Moments submitted in Crafting Challenges are permanently deleted from existence. This decreases the supply in the NBA Top Shot economy and helps make the Moments more scarce. To learn more about Burned Moments, click here.

Prizes from Crafting Challenges that are specific Moment NFTs will become Crafting Challenge Rewards. A Crafting Challenge Reward indicator will be applied to every edition of an NBA and WNBA Moment earned in Crafting Challenges.


To see this indicator in action, take a look at every Crafting Challenge Reward Moment in the Top Shot Marketplace here

Crafting Challenges appear on the same Challenges page as all the other Challenges. They can be filtered out by selecting the Crafting Challenges category on the right, and are also signified by a Crafting Challenge label below the Challenge name.



NBA Top Shot 101: Crafting Challenges

How to Complete a Crafting Challenge

When participating in a Crafting Challenge, the core aspects of building a Challenge Entry are the same as a regular or Flash Challenge. For more on Challenges, including using our Challenge Builder, click here.

When on the Challenge Builder page for a Crafting Challenge, a warning appears on the top of the page to remind you that Moments submitted for a Crafting Challenge are burned and subsequently removed from circulation and your collection. Additionally, another warning appears if you select a Moment used in another Challenge, as burning that Moment would remove it from another Challenge and forfeit that Challenge's reward.



Step 1: Add All Required Moments to Challenge Builder and click Submit Moments



Step 2: Type "Burn" and click Continue

Before proceeding with this step, please ensure you enabled pop-ups for our site on your browser. If you're on an iPhone and using the mobile version of Safari, you'll need to navigate to: Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups.

After pop-ups are enabled, type "Burn" (case-sensitive) and then click on Continue.


Once confirmed, you will advance to the Submitting Moments screen:



Step 3: Complete the final confirmation

As long as pop-ups were previously enabled, you'll see a final Dapper Wallet pop-up where you need to click on Confirm. If you enable pop-ups after arriving at the Submitting Moments screen, you'll need to refresh your browser before getting to this last step that will start the burn:

If you forgot to enable pop-ups, you won't see this screen until you enable them and then refresh your browser. Once confirmed, you'll notice the Submitting Moments screen will change. The red progress bar will slowly start to grow and the fine print on the page will update to: "Please do not navigate away from this page. This may take a minute."

Finally, after the burn is complete, you will see a confirmation screen confirming that all of your requirements have been burned:



If you'd like to double-check your eligibility, you will need to go back to the default Challenge page. If you've completed the burn, you will see a green progress bar


If you instead see a white progress bar, you are not yet eligible. You still need to click the button and follow through with the burn. Remember: You will need to have pop-ups enabled on your browser before starting this final step.



Please note: Once all Challenge slots are filled, "Burn" is typed, and you've submitted your entry, all requirements are locked in. If you change your mind after reaching the Dapper confirmation screen, you won't have the option to edit your entry.