Stacking in Challenges

A recent addition to Challenges is the ability to stack Moments in your Challenge Entry. Have two Moments of the same player in the same edition that fits more than one Challenge requirement slot? Then it's time to benefit.

What is Stacking?

If a player manages to fit more than one slot requirement for a Challenge, collectors are able to use those Moments from the same edition for both requirements. These would still require that the serial numbers for these Moments are different.



Player: Kendrick Nunn
Edition: Rookie Debut Series 1 #250
Serial #: #110, #192

Example: A collector has two of Kendrick Nunn's Dunk Moments from Rookie Debut Series 1 (as shown above). Kendrick Nunn is #4 in scoring and #5 in assists on January 21st and the Challenge in question requires the following:

  1. Five Moments must be from the top five players with the most assists from NBA games played on January 21st.
  2. Four Moments must be from the top four players with the most points scored from NBA games played on January 21st.

Since Kendrick Nunn fulfills both of these requirements, collectors could use the two Moments above from the Rookie Debut Series 1 edition in both slots when stacking is permitted in a Challenge. As the Challenge in this example does not state that a specific play type from the player is required, you would be able to add a Moment with any play type as long as it includes the required player.

Please Note:
Not all Challenges allow for stacking so please be sure to read the rules carefully for each Challenge. If a Challenge does not allow stacking, you are only allowed to use a single edition to fill one slot.