What are Moment™ NFTs?

Moment NFTs are officially licensed NBA collectibles that celebrate the game’s epic highlights from the most incredible basketball stars. They are the core parts of NBA Top Shot, capturing some of the best plays from across the NBA.

What separates them from regular highlights? Each one is made unique through NFTs on the blockchain. In other words, your Moments are your Moments.

Moments include exclusive collectible details of your favorite players like:

  • On-Court Video Highlight
  • Guaranteed Authenticity by the NBA and NBPA
  • Moment Type, Tier, Series, and Serial Number
  • Highlight and Player Stats
  • Badges


Lamelo Ball Moment

NBA Top Shot 101: Moments Features and Utilities

On-Court Video Highlight

Each Collectable is defined by the player's Moment and includes an On-Court Video Highlight. Highlights capture the play that defines the player's greatest skill being showcased. 

And Then There Were 4 - Promotion video for NBA Top Shot

Each On-Court Video Highlight is packaged into a Collectable that confirms the Moment's Authenticity with information like Player Name, Game Score, Play Type, Set, Tier, and Duration.

Guaranteed Authenticity by the NBA and NBPA

Each Moment is branded with the Team Logo and provides Guaranteed Authenticity to the NBA and the NBPA.


Giannis Antetokounmpo Licenced NBA and NBPA Product, including Team Logo

Moment Type, Tier, Series, and Serial Number


Tyrese Haliburton's Top Shot Debut Moment

Each Moment contains the following details:

Player Name: Tyrese Haliburton

Play Type: Jump Shot

Set (Series): Base Set (Series 2)

Serial Number/Total Moments: #/4000

Date: Dec 23 2020

Badges: Three stars

Check out our article on Badges for more information

Highlight and Player Stats

Highlight Stats are the Players Box Score for that particular Game.


Highlight Stats

Player Stats is Player Information from their Physical Measurements, History and Season Averages.


Player Stats

To learn more about Tiers and Circulation, check out the Article: Moment Tiers